Malta & Gozo 1996

In 1996, I went to Malta with my mum and my younger brother for 10 weeks. My teacher gave me “homework” and had to keep a journal… I found it the other day, as it’s spelt, I am sharing with you. Here are some of the reasons why I want to go again;

9-7-96 My First Time On The Plane


My mum, my brother and me, we went to Sydney airport to catch the plane to go for a holiday in Malta. About 9.30AM we took off to Japan, it took us nine hours to get there, then we checked in a hotel and we spent the night there. The next morning, we went back to the airport and we catched another plane to Frankfurt. Then we catched another plane for 3 hours and then we arrived in Malta. It was 10.00PM then we checked out. Our relitives were waiting for us and then we went home to sleep because we were very tired.

14-7-96 Difrent things to Australia


There are lots of diffrent kinds of churchs there are pictures of Jesus on the ceiling and staches of saints. They are really nice too. There are to seperated islands, Malta and Gozo. At first we landed at Malta then we went to the ship to go to Gozo. There is a lot of rocks and stones and there roads are very narroew.

6-8-96 Popeye Village


One Saturday morning, me and my brother and mum and my cousins Lewis and Duncan, we went to see Popeye Village. We had lots of fun, we went on the boat, we went on the roller coaster and on the bumping cars and bumping boats and motor cycle track, and we had some photoes and it was very, very hot, hot day.

When we went to Ninu’s Cave and Xerri’s Grotto


When we went to Ninu’s cave, there was nice rocks into different shapes. We took some photoes. Then we went to Xerri’s Grotto and it was similar to Ninu’s cave but it was bigger. Then we went to ggantija temples and there were very huge rocks. Then we went to a church called “Ta Pinu”. There was a lady one day that she heard the “lady Mary” calling her to come out and say three hail mary’s, and there were many things of the sick people, they left them at the church, and we took some more photoes as well.


The Garden

My grandpa has a big fruit garden and one day we went with him to pick some fruit. I ate some plums and they were nice. There were all sorts of fruits, figs, grapes, peaches, pears, plums and apples. My grandpa was cutting the branches that they were hanging from the tree, and my brother was helping him and caring them away. My mum was helping my uncle picking the leaves from the fig tree to give it to the sheep. Then it started to rain, then we had to go at home.


© Copyright Charmaine Cassar 1996


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