Bużnannu Pawl

This week I was a bit proud of myself in sourcing buż nannu Pawl’s (dad’s nannu) passport application made in September of 1919. From there I was inspired to track not only his birth certificate, but mum’s parents’ birth certificates and her nanniet’s birth certificates.

Unfortunately, because mum’s side of the family is from Gozo, the online Public Registry of Malta where you can order certificates online, does not send out the full document of a certificate, you can only order extracts of the birth certificate if the birth was before November of 1993. To obtain the full document you have to write to Public Registry in Gozo, or go there physically. For now however, I have just ordered their extracts which I received notification on yesterday that they have been mailed out. Buż nannu Pawlu’s birth certificate however, I had ordered the full document, and they have found no record of him which seems to be very odd.

I had obtained his date of birth a while ago with a document my uncle Manuel (dad’s brother) had given me, stating his DOB is the 14/10/1882, however his passport application states his DOB is 20/10/1883. I emailed the Public Registry in Malta to check under the other DOB I had, and also to check under other possible spellings for Pawlu (ie; Paul, Paolo, Pawl) and they came back again saying that there is no record. I have since emailed back again asking for any suggestions as to why he may not be registered, could it be possible her was born in another village? Does their database allow them to search by name, or is it strictly by village… Just some sort of an indication as to where I can go to next.

I did speculate a little in regards to his birth… On his passport application he has chosen out of 2 options that he is a ‘British-born subject’ rather than a ‘Naturalised British subject’… So that caused me to wonder whether; a. he was born of a British mother seeing as the surname Cassar is of Maltese descent or, b. he was actually born in Britain. I since sought clarification that the fact that Malta was under British rule at the time, all Maltese were British subjects… However, does this not mean that they would be ‘naturalised’ and not ‘born’?

What then confuses me further from the fact that he put he was a ‘British-born subject’, that he also put his birth place down as Żabbar…

I will wait for the reply from the Public Registry and see what they suggest… If they have no suggestions, I am going to try and see if I can obtain his marriage certificate. That may have some sort of indication in regards to his birth.

So there are 2 factors that are inconsistent here, that a. his DOB seems to be different to the initial DOB I had been given (I am certain uncle Manuel obtained it from the church’s register) and b. there is questioning around his place of birth.

There may be a mistake with what is written, it may not be correct, and I may be speculating over nothing, but it just seems strange that his birth is not registered considering he obviously did exist having found this passport application.


  One thought on “Bużnannu Pawl

  1. Auntie Jo
    October 1, 2015 at 9:46 PM

    Very interesting to read keep on the search enjoying reading your findings xxxx


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