Continuing the Quest

Over the weekend I came to find that the information I had put in to request buż nannu Pawl’s birth certificate was incorrect. I put his wife down as his mother, hence why there was no record. I have since ordered his full birth certificate.

I got given another contact, a Maltese genealogist. I decided to give in trying to search for the date on my own and asked for buż nannu Pawl and buż nanna Cetta’s date and place of marriage. He responded straight away and found my answer. They were married on 17 January 1904 in Ħal-Qormi. I put in for their marriage certificate, but unfortunately they do not have it registered. Apparently it’s very rare that this happens, but it does happen. I have also asked the genealogist in regards to mum’s nanna Duminka being born in Borna. He stated I may mean Bone in Algeria. I will email him back tonight with all the details I have on her as he has a contact that he can obtain details for if she was in fact born there.

I have buż nanna Duminka and buż nannu Giuseppe’s date and place of marriage – I had applied for their marriage cert also, but came back with not registered.

Tonight I will collate all the information I have to date and organise them in a way I can keep track. At the moment all my findings are in a plastic sleeve. Now that I have found a lot more within the last week than what I have found in the last 5 years, I should start to keep all the information I find so that I don’t lose it.


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