My Biggest Find So Far

Family list

I got given a link to an Algerian database, mainly to try and find the record of buż nanna Domenica’s birth in Bône. I had no luck (well at least with what I could make out of the site, it was all in French). I found one Domenica Cremona, with date of death one year difference. But was not her.

Now, as I have done the past 5 years, whenever I have been looking so hard for something, and I find nothing, I sit on Google for hours on end, trying to google every possible key word I can think of to find something. Even though I know I won’t find anything new since the last time I googled it, lol.

So I decided to take the year of birth of the Domenica Cremona I did find, as it would be a rough estimation seeing as they both died around the same time.

I hit enter, and a link came up of I ended up finding a whole family lineage for the family Cremona, starting from (my buż nanna) Domenica’s father Michele (Mikiel). It goes as far as the late 1600s! Out of pure luck, I could not believe what I was seeing. And so grateful that the research I did in 2012, in obtaining those names from Xagħra with mum, came in use for this find. If I didn’t have these names to cross check with, I would have probably overlooked this finding.

Since yesterday, I went on in depth search to try and see if I could find any other family history from any other points of my family on this site. I found a photograph of a Salvatore Bartolo that is a dead ringer of uncle Sam (mum’s brother). Not sure if there is any connection with this Bartolo to the Bartolo’s on nannu Anġlu’s side, nevertheless, I will continue to search and see if this is the case.

Further, after nit picking at each family member on this site, I have come to realise and assume the following; That my great great grandfather Michele was born in Xagħra, but his family up and left Gozo and migrated over to Bône, Algeria. He then at some point, moved back to Xagħra and married Marianne Bartolo. At around the point either before or while she was pregnant with my buż nanna Domenica, they moved back to (or visited) Bône, Algeria. At some point again, they moved (or returned back home) to Xagħra, where Michele and Marianne both passed away, and where Domenica married and passed away also. With all this however, Michele’s siblings all remained in Bône – from what I can see on this website, they are all buried in Bône (with a few buried in France).

From this, I should be able to track down some record of movement between the countries, if not once, then twice and if not for one person, than for all… And also, with the details of Michele’s siblings, I should be able to find some form of information on the family in Algeria.


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