Contact made with a very distant relative

The Crown of Aragon

The person who made all the research on the Cremona family (mum’s father’s side of the family) finally made contact with me last week on His name is Pierre Augustin Cauchi. He works out to be my mother’s 3rd cousin. I had to look up then what he is to me. Where a person is one generation different to you, you use the term ‘once removed’, so for example if he was 2 generations from me, he would be twice removed. (Reference:

Pierre is the same generation as my mother.

Pierre lives in Sainte-Cécile-les-Vignes, France and only speaks French. I have been communicating with him via email and with the help of Google Translate. Pierre confirmed for me why Michele Cremona’s generation had migrated to Bône, Algeria. Apparently Gozo wasn’t doing well economically, so they migrated there for better life, and majority of his siblings were farmers or cultivars, according to Pierre’s grandmother Josephine. I asked if his grandmother ever told him why one of her siblings (Michele) migrated back to Gozo – he said she had never mentioned.

I also wanted to confirm the royalty found at the end of his family tree that he had on He confirmed that he does not know if there is a direct connection. The royalty is simply connected to the Cremona surname. I will have to sit down and closely look at the information he has put together to see if my (or our) bloodline connects to the Crown of Aragon.


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