Another distant relative!

I decided yesterday, after not touching on my family history for over a month now, to get back into it.

I thought I would do another search for Domenica Cremona for her place of birth and date of birth. I initially came across after finding a Domnique Cremona (not my buż nanna, but had a similar year of death) on this database that Mark C had sent to me. I decided to search again, now that I have more familiarity with the Cremona family, in hope I find something new related to her. I searched under Bône, Souk Ahras and another couple of regions that are next to Bône. I in fact found a few documents that link to her family, but still, nothing on her. I briefly went through, I will need to sit down and thoroughly go through and print these documents to add to my book.

Gabrielle CremonaI decided to go to again to see if I can find something new (not getting my hopes up as I know I have searched anything and everything possible in the site). I decided to look into the photographs archive on the database as when I first came across it, I found a photograph of a Salvatore Bartolo that looks exactly like my mother’s brother.I went to the owner’s profile of the picture to look at his family tree again to see if there is a connection and there is through the Cremona/Refalo family – As I came across his tree, I found another photograph of a Gabrielle Cremona who is in relation to my nannu’s bloodline. I have a photo of a distant relative that is confirmed! I only wish I could find some photos of my closer relatives like my great and great great grandparents.

I had initially made contact with this person, his name is Michel Calas, and he was kind enough to email me his more intricate family tree, which I also need to sit down and look at more closely. I sent him a request to add to my contacts on geneanet, and he replied this morning confirming I am a distant relative of his wife’s through Helen Cordina, which I think from briefly looking over the tree is through Paul Cremona’s (my great x3 grandfather) wife’s parents.

Also, an update with dad’s side of the family. I have finally received correspondence back from Malta’s National Archives with regards to possibly obtaining records of Paul Cassar‘s licences in relation to importing live stock from Algeria to Malta or something in relation to a possible business in Malta. I am currently confirming payment for this search to be done, a total of 12 euro for the search of 2 years; the period of 27 September 1919 to 27 September 1920 and the period of 29 September 1924 to 29 September 1925. These are the 2 years I have found he had made passport applications for. Fingers crossed they find something!


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