Reflections of the past into the future

I am feeling a sense of gratitude and feeling very blessed to be a part of something new in our Maltese community. I don’t know what the past year would have been without MAYC in my life. I feel I can channel through this group, all that passion, pride and love I have for my where I come from, what makes me, me. Everything we have achieved up until now, we have all worked together, and we have all put our own ideas forward and turned them into something where we can make a difference.

I have known many of those that have been a part of the Maltese community in Sydney since I was a little girl, and I have been so fortunate to meet a heap more. I love the person I am today because I can take a little piece of all of them and add it to that passion, pride and love I have deep within. I see a great future for the Maltese in Australia. But it’s not just us making a difference, there are others across Australia’s states and territories, who I know no doubt, feel exactly how I feel. If we can work together and inspire each other, no matter how far we are from each other, that’s community in itself and not many communities can say they work together and help each other the way we do.

Just reflecting on the past year, compared to the few years before; I had no outlet to have the opportunity to do something in the Maltese community. Sure, there are Maltese events organised by those associations that have made what our community is today, but there was never anything I could express what I wanted to. I am hoping that with MAYC post-convention, we will be able to give that opportunity to others in our age group (and younger) so that they feel just as part of the community as what I do now. Not to say I didn’t before, but being able to think up of ideas for events like our fete on Sunday and then executing them the way we want to, makes me feel pretty darn proud from where we started to get to where we are today. I am sure that there are plenty more out there that feel the same crazy pride I do when it comes to Malta and what it means to them – sometimes you feel no one will ever fathom just what it actually means.

Not to mention the Convention for Maltese Living Abroad coming up in April! It’s like the convention was made for me! If I had known about it in 2010, I would have been there in a heartbeat! To be able to have that opportunity to meet others like me, a Maltese (Australian) living abroad and hear how they have preserved their culture and heritage, what they do and how they do it amongst the younger generation, their thoughts, feelings and experiences. I love networking. I love meeting new people. I love hearing their stories, and how they came to where they are today, even more so when it links to the mother land 🙂 I like finding that connection between the old and the new, taking their advice, their experiences and creating something that both compliments their past and our future.

I love knowing the language of my parents. Being able to converse with them. I only hope my grandparents would be proud. I want to experience what my elders experienced, I want to feel how they felt. I am trying to think of the reason why. I guess you could say it’s wanting to have some sort of Maltese identity living in Australia. I feel it’s a respect thing also. But most of all, I feel a deeper connection to my grandparents. I didn’t grow up with them like most of my friends grew up with theirs, and even though they were so far away, and I may not have known them as well as other kids my age knew theirs… I don’t know, as young as I can remember, I just loved them unconditionally and I think that’s where all this inner passion and obsession and love and whatever else you want to call my ranting and raving comes from.

So if I can take anything from the past year, it’s this; that I have achieved what I thought I could never achieve. To be a part of something so amazing and to be able to present all that to others who feel the same way in Malta, being an Aussie standing on Maltese soil and letting my true roots spread and grow. It’s not just reflection on ones’ self, it’s of others around you too, that make you who you are, and I can only hope that I can reflect that same type of attitude to my children one day.

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© Copyright Charmaine Cassar 2015


  One thought on “Reflections of the past into the future

  1. June 22, 2015 at 10:43 AM

    Reblogged this on MAYCNSW.


  2. Carol Moreno
    February 28, 2015 at 12:26 PM

    Agree 100%! Life is to be lived and enjoyed with passion from the heart ♥ Thank You!!!!


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