Convention for Maltese Living Abroad 2015

Our paper we presented in Malta at the Convention for Maltese Living Abroad!


MAYC’s Paper presented at the CMLA 2015:
The Emerging Diaspora: Engaging Maltese-Australian Youth Identity in Australia

MAYC was founded in late March 2014. Since then, it was MAYC’s mission to work hard towards attending the Convention for Maltese Abroad held every 5 years in Malta. This Convention calls for all Maltese living abroad to attend a 4-day conference with Maltese from all around the world. They are welcome to present papers, sharing their accomplishments within their own communities abroad, along with recommendations on how we can work together and move forward together to keep our Maltese heritage alive in our Maltese diaspora.

MAYC knew that attending this Convention would be a big advantage by the means of networking with communities in the diaspora, as well as building relationships with key important people within the Maltese Government and other key entities within Malta such as Universita ta’ Malta and Agenzija Zghazagh…

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