Postcards from Malta… A Mediterranean Treasure


 Valletta, the heart of Malta

images-1I’ll be honest, it hadn’t been my first choice to spend a special anniversary, here on this isolated island in the Mediterranean. We arrived late on a humid evening and awoke to a stunning view from our balcony; the fortress city of Valletta before us. The morning sun played on the water and radiated off the honeyed hues of limestone that dress the city. I was instantly captivated. Valletta, a city of bells, bastions, harbours and limestone, has a story to tell.

Valletta is the heart of this tiny island nation and the most southerly capital city in Europe. A four hour sail from Sicily, Malta is a country rich in architecture and long in history. My husband promised I’d fall in love with it. He was right, and without a doubt, I now consider Valletta the equal of many other European cities.

DSC07074 That splendid view…

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  One thought on “Postcards from Malta… A Mediterranean Treasure

  1. July 22, 2015 at 10:38 PM

    MIss Malta you may be interested in my blog as we have just returned from Malta!
    It’s just a travel diary but still….


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