My Malta Feasts ;)


Loud noises of the fireworks, bass for my ears.
Hot dogs on every corner.
Seeing family you never see otherwise.
Competitiveness of localities.
Good excuse for boozing.
Sweat is not so bad in feast, it is part of it.
Confetti and papers cover everywhere.
Staying out all day, shower and out again.
Enjoying Malta at its best.
Everyone offering you drinks.
The wonderful Maltese bands and their marches.
Red, green and blue, great colors.
The little harmless fights.
The excitement of the people.
The costumes fanatics produce.
The typical Maltese sweets on every corner.
The toy stands where secretly I always used to buy a whistle for me.
The churches fully dressed.
The wonderful decorations in the roads.
The Monday after feast at the beach.
The I do not care if I look fat in this shorts feeling.
The tourists amazed by what we have.
The long time no seen friends.
The sound systems making the feast feel like a street party.
Candy floss and doughnuts.
And last but not least, what happens in feasts stays in feasts.

Credit: Nuxa Brie


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