Blog-tember Challenge 2015: Day 12: Currently

Fruit & vegetable color wheel.

Reading… Ironfire by David Ball. My cousin lent it to me, a book he has had for ages and has read at least 3 times. It’s based on the Great Siege of Malta and he thought I would enjoy it just as much if not more than him 🙂
Playing… Don’t Starve on PS4. I am absolutely addicted, currently at 18 days.
Watching… Orange is the New Black and Orphan Black.
Trying… to catch up on my Maltese language homework. I have missed about a terms-worth of lessons and trying to get back on top of things.
Cooking… ‘Clean’ food. This month is the month I am getting back into the swing of clean eating, or just healthier really.
Eating… Chicken, beef, fish, vegies. I’m not a healthy eater to begin with, so getting into the real healthy clean stuff is a bit of a mission for me.
Drinking… Water. Add some Young Living essential oils peppermint oil and it almost taste like I am eating Arnotts Mint Slice 😀
Calling… My boyfriend each night before I go to sleep.
Texting… My bestfriend and/or the boyfriend.
Pinning… Wedding related images… A girl can only dream.
Going… Camping for the first time ever with my cousins 😀
Loving… The simple things in life. My happy moments with my boyfriend. Netflix ❤
Hating… Living at home.
Discovering… I can do a lot of things if I put my mind to it and find the inspiration and motivation to do them.
Thinking… Of what’s to come in the next year.
Feeling… Excited for the New Year to come.
Hoping (for)… The next year to be all that I hope it is to be.
Listening (to)… Ani’s play list on Guvera… (Josef Salvat).
Celebrating… My God daughter’s 1st birthday in the next couple of weeks.
Smelling… Chanel Mademoiselle ❤
Ordering… Smart Cleanse Detox to kick start my clean eating.
Thanking… Thankful for all that I have, being healthy and surrounded by people I love.
Considering… Booking that trip to Europe real soon.
Starting… My Smart Cleanse Detox after my God daughter’s 1st birthday -.-
Finishing… Hopefully, covering a role at work that I am starting to dislike, and move on to bigger and better things!


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