My Direct Family Line

Since my visit to Malta last year after obtaining buznannu Pawl’s passport and his birth certificate, I found the Cassar direct family line up to Felice Cassar, who is my buznannu x3 (buznannu Pawl’s nannu). That’s 5 generations, 6 if you include me.

All I had for Felice was his name, I didn’t have any dates or even a name for his wife. Felice Cassar was recorded as buznannu Pawl’s birth certificate as his father’s father.  I’ve since been trying to find more and further down the Cassar line, but keep hitting a brick wall with Felice, so I caved in and contacted a genealogist friend of mine and asked him to see if he could find any further.

He got back to me with a further 5 generations, dating as far back as the 1600s!

So far, I only have names, the names of their wives and their marriage place and date. Some I have place of birth for, but the rest I don’t have their date/place of birth or date of death – I am still waiting for more information and confirmation with same.

With this new information – a list of new names to play with, I decided to start my search again to see if I can find any extra information with our family line.

I have found 2 very distant relatives, to be exact, one works out to be my 5th cousin once removed, and the other one is my 5th cousin twice removed. They both live somewhere in or around France. I came across their family trees as we share one common ancestor; Michele Cassar (my x4 great grandfather).

With the information they have shared online, we make the connection at Michele’s sons. So Felice’s brothers are the ancestors of these two 5th cousins.

Felice’s brother Giuseppe (who I am assuming Felice called his son after – my x2 great grandfather) was also a butcher! So that leads me to believe that the butcher trade dates that far back. This was an exciting piece of information, as I have been wanting to know how many generations the butcher trade has been in the Cassar family.

Now, Felice’s other brother Francois was a restaurateur… So was their father Michele. I contacted the 5th cousin twice removed, as this was her information, to find out how she obtained this information. She got it from the Algerian database that I have used in the past.

Also, it seems that these two brother’s families of Felice migrated to Algeria somewhere down the track… It seems Felice’s brother Francois was born in Zabbar, however died in Algeria, meaning he must have migrated when he married as his daughter was born in Algeria. Felice’s other brother Giovanni, it looks like he stayed in Zabbar, however his daughter migrated to Algeria as her daughter was then born in Algeria. My direct line however, has remained in Zabbar (with the wives of the Cassar men either from Zabbar also, Zejtun or Qormi). Interesting!

I am yet to get confirmation on a few things and look into things further… I just had to share what I have come across so far! I’m also on a mission to find out about the ancestors past Michele. Obsessed, I know!

The photo I have attached with this post is my information merged with the information of the two 5th cousins. Our direct line is in the middle, with the other two on either side of our line. The ones circled in pink are the 5th cousins and me in the middle… I have more information on my direct line than what I have drawn out, as well as the other two family’s, however I only jotted down the information I felt I needed to connect the dots.

My father has five sisters and one brother who is unmarried, no children. What I love about this the most is how the Cassar line is still existent today. For my direct line, it ends with my brother (unless he marries and has a boy)… Just for the purpose of my love for my family history, kind of wishing I was the boy to continue the family line 😛

CASSAR distant1


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