Fun Facts

Blogtember Challenge 2016:
Day 1: Introduce Yourself


1. My name is Charmaine. I get called Char, Charms, Chaz, Chazza, Charlie, Charmi, Chami… My pet peeve is when someone nicknames me and doesn’t know me.
2. I have curly hair. I never used to love it. I do now. I’ve learned to love my crazy, curly hair. Only when it decides to cooperate with me and sit right on my head.
3. My favourite colour is purple. I love purple. The inside of my car is purple. My room is purple. I have (temporarily) dyed my hair purple. I tend to buy purple clothes a lot and I own the most amazing purple wedges!
4. My ultimate meal is vongole with a glass of red. Spaghetti alle vongole to be precise. My favourite food in general is pasta. Spaghetti. Add that to some baby clams and I melt inside. Add to that some decent red wine and I’m in heaven!
5. I am of Maltese descent and very proud. Anyone that knows me will tell you how obsessed I am with anything to do in relation to the Maltese Islands and for that reason…
6. I actually have a blog dedicated to my Malteseness. As you can tell if you haven’t already stalked my blog, I mainly post things in relation to Malta (and my family history). I tend to go on rants about the Islands, and figured it would be good to put down all my thoughts in one central spot. I am forever on the net searching for things to read in relation to Malta, and I have often come across Malta-themed blogs. In particular when I would search for things in relation to my family history, I would always come across a couple of genealogy bloggers who have Maltese ancestors. I figured if there was anyone like me out there, they would appreciate coming across a blog like mine 😊.
7. I am also a member of a Maltese Youth Committee. I am currently the co-chair of MAYC. In Sydney, we don’t really have anything for the younger generation Maltese living in Australia. We’ve achieved so much in just 2 years. We’ve attended the Convention for Maltese Living Abroad in Malta last year and presented a paper. We’ve organised events. We’re working on another paper to present at a conference in Malta towards the end of the year… Proud to be part of this group and making a difference!
8. I love culture, even if it’s not Maltese. My boyfriend is Serbian and I think I am just as proud ‘to be Serbian’ as I am Maltese! I embrace and appreciate what makes us who we are, the traditions, the history, our parents, our grandparents. It’s very important to keep that connection with your roots. This is one of the main reasons why I love researching my family history. Aaannnd! You can’t forget being a proud Aussie too!
9. I have been working on my family history for 8 years. I used to work in a Cancer Centre where I had the opportunity to work in the Familial Cancer department (cancer genetics). Part of my role was to draw up the family trees of clients that were coming in for consultation which would illustrate family members who have/had cancer. Drawing up some of these trees sparked interest in my own. I practiced drawing mine up with family members I knew of, mainly cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. I then realised I could go beyond my grandparents and great grandparents and became intrigued with what stories my ancestors have to tell.
10. This is my second year of taking part in the #blogtemberchalenge 💖 I started the #blogtemberchallenge last year and thought by doing this challenge it would mix things up a bit, inspire me to write about other things other than the obvious lol 😊. It also exercises my brain a little and gives me something different to do. Definitely looking forward to reading into the creative minds of others during this challenge!

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