Blogtember Challenge 2016:
Day 2: Current Goals


  1. Buy a house. What I would give to have something to call my own. Something that I come home to and it’s just… Mine. My own living area. A kitchen to call my own. I l o v e cooking. Somewhere I can have my own garden and plant herbs, strawberries and veggies. A theatre room for him, which just quietly, pretty sure I’ll be taking over. I know that when I have my own place, I will be motivated to achieve these goals and more.
  2. Put together my family history book. Slowly slowly I’ve been gathering bits and pieces of information about my ancestors. I don’t have all the information I wish I had to make the book complete, but I have enough to start something. I want to make one for my mum’s side and one for my dad’s side. It’s been a goal for a very long time – just need to get stuck into it and start it!
  3. Travel. The older you get, the more your priorities change in life. Saving for a house has definitely put a hold on traveling any time soon. I think I’ll have one more big trip before I ‘settle into life’ and it will definitely be with him…
  4. Gym often. I’ve been really good this year in general with gymming. I could be doing better, but it’s definitely a lot more than I have ever done. I have decided to give myself a minimum of 3 days a week and better eating. Clean eating. Something I know I can do living in my own place.

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