Most Memorable Birthday

Blogtember Challenge 2016:
Day 5: Most Memorable Birthday

I couldn’t remember the last birthday I had where it was really memorable. Birthdays aren’t really big in my family, I can’t even remember the last time I had a birthday cake. However that all changed this year. This year’s birthday was the best birthday I have had so far and by far the most memorable.

The week of my birthday my boyfriend was busy with work, so I didn’t expect much on my actual birthday as it was mid-week. He told me to go over his house, where he had organised with his family a cake and presents. I honestly didn’t expect it and tried so hard to hold back tears, I don’t think he really knows how much I appreciated it and how much it meant to me.

He had a weekend planned. It was all a surprise, wouldn’t even tell me the location. So we’re driving, and I got as much as that we were going somewhere up the coast like Newcastle. As we drew closer to Newcastle, I realised we were going a little off-track, wondering where he was taking me. We pulled into an airport at Cessnock. He had organised a helicopter ride over the Hunter Valley! Omg the smile on my face. I honestly hadn’t been spoiled like that, ever. I did not expect a helicopter… And the Hunter? Man, it’s been on my list of places to go for a very long time.

I kind of wish he did tell me where he was taking me, for the fact that I was wearing a hoodie and ugg boots, because it was not only a helicopter ride but a helicopter ride to a vineyard where a champagne breakfast was waiting for us, I looked like a dag, but felt like the luckiest girl in the world. We did some wine tasting after breakfast and called old mate to come and pick us back up in the helicopter – felt like a high roller… In my hoodie, uggs and chauffeur helicopter pilot lol.

I felt so special on my birthday this year. I have the most amazing boyfriend and honestly, a day spent with him would have sufficed. Loved my birthday this year, def my most memorable.



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