Here are a list of links I have come across that have helped me in my search for my ancestors:

  • A Guide to Searching Maltese Ancestors
    A guide to what information is out there that has been recorded on the Islands over the years, giving you an idea of what may be out there waiting for you to find.
  • Malta Public Registry
    Maltese ancestors birth, marriage or death certificates can be ordered via this site so long as you have the sufficient details.
  • Archdiocese of Malta Archives
    Malta’s church registers and manuscripts of births, marriages and deaths.
  • National Archives Malta
    Any documents you seek in relation to your Maltese ascendants can be searched here and any queries can be sent here
  • Archives Portal Europe
    All Maltese passports (applications) from 1878-1938 can be found via this database.
  • DigiVault
    A digital archive of the documents at the National Library in Valletta where you can download a copy of the first printed books dating back to the 15th century, known as incunabula.
  • Geneanet
    A French-based ancestry site which has a number of Maltese that migrated to Algeria and surrounding countries.
  • Geneanum Database
    A database run by a group of people which has birth, marriage, death and passport listings and if listed, can be requested via the National Archives Malta.
  • Anom – Archives nationales d’outre-mer
    An Algerian index which has birth, marriage and death listings for the period whilst they were under the French from 1830-1962. Again, for those Maltese that may have migrated to Algeria, this site can be very useful.
  • State Archives & Records NSW – Maltese Migration Stories
    A list of collections held at NSW State Records of Maltese who migrated to Australia. (Found in ‘Archives in Brief‘).
  • Genealogical Numbering Systems
    A resource to read family lines that are genealogically numbered.
  • Cousin Relationship Chart
    A resource to determine cousin-ship.
  • Cyndi’s List
    A categorised and cross-referenced index to genealogical resources on the internet, having a list of links that point you to genealogical research sites online. A great starting point when researching online.
  • Geneabloggers
    A geneaology blog page that has over 3,000 genealogy or family history-related blogs, along with tips and tricks, other genealogy-related posts, this is a great little hub to gain motivation on when looking into your family history.
  • The Family History Writing Challenge  (and The Family History Writing Studio)
    This is a great way to prompt you into writing about your family history if you’re stuck on where to start. The challenge runs in February each year. You can sign up as a member where you can access resources with guides, tips and tricks on how to gather your information and make your ancestor’s stories come alive.


Some of my favourite random Malta-related sites:

  • A Maltese Mouthful
    Food inspiration from the Maltese Islands – Shared by an Australian Maltese living in London.
  • Tessa Valletta’s Antikita Vintage Market
    A mixture of posts – in particular loving on the Maltese food recipes!
  • Little Rock
    An online, bilingual magazine with articles about Maltese food, lifestyle, culture, events, news, and a heap more.
    I am a member of the Maltese-Australians’ Youth Committee (NSW). We formed a group to keep our culture and heritage alive in Australia, especially for the younger generation Maltese in Australia. You can also follow our Facebook page by clicking here.



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